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About Us

Posted by Replica Factory On 8:37 PM

As an extension of our previous website (which was hacked by powerful competitor and domain got hi-jacked for more than a year), RF has been providing the best possible quality of watches and accessories to our friends/loyal customers, at the lowest comparable pricing and with the most reliable logistics arrangement.

We GUARANTEE satisfaction!

And the Club is an extension of our guarantee -- simply put, if we are not confident with our products, we are not able to offer eternal usage and option to exchange, as well as refurblished products to trade.

Here is a quick breakdown of the elements to make RF Club the most reputable watch supplier worldwide. And, of course, the below elements applies to our products, other than watches.

1 Quality

What we describe is what you get! We describe our products honestly, with the our 13+ years of experience in producing and trading watches. Every watch we produce is of the highest possible quality grade available.

We take pride to offer our customers quality watches. All of our ETA movement parts are brand new, imported from Switzerland. And our Japanese movement parts are also brand new, imported from Japan directly. For brand new watches to be used by our Members, we use NO USED / REFURBLISHED / SECOND-HAND (no matter you call those non-brand-new movements) movements that most of the suppliers/resellers are selling out there with unreasonably low price. We equip our watches ONLY WITH BRAND NEW MOVEMENTS AND PARTS, to maintain our product quality, as specified.

In order to identify our products from other low quality products out there, we mark our products (on every major parts of a watch) with a special mark -- so no one can claim that they get a junk and want to return to us to swarp a good watch with a bad one. To view our product features in detail please go to the Think Tank Page to see the quality of parts and components that you are interested in.

2 Price

FR offers the lowest possible annual subscription fee available for high quality watches. We produce our own watches, we know the costing very well. If someone is offering a lower price compared with ours on the same product, there must be a trade-off -- either the reseller is using an used movement or lower grade steel or used parts etc. without honest explanation to the customers.

To lower their prices, or make as much money as they could, they will do whatever it takes to do so.

3 Satisfaction Guarantee / Warranty

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with your usage, you can return it within 3 days for an exchange. Or if you change your mind after receiving the order, we can change into someone else with a credit from the previous order -- no question asked.

4 Quality Control

Before dispatching any order, our Quality Control team carefully inspects for any flaws, scratches, malfunctions or mis-marks. We also test the watches to make sure all of the features and functions are working perfectly.

5 Our History

We have been in this business for over 13 years, from a small factory established in 1993, being our own wholesaler in 1996 and going to retail since year 2000. Our customer always comes first. That is why you will not find a dissatisfied customer, except those buyers who come from rumor-making competitors. We always stand behind our word, and do anything possible to keep our customers happy.

6 Actual Pictures

All of our product pictures are actual pictures of the products that we carry, with our own 'FREEREPLICA.COM' watermark. And, by request, you can always ask for the original, high resolution pictures for your examination.

We don’t have small, distorted pictures, or borrowed (even stolen) pictures, where you can barely see anything or the watermarks covering another ones. Or you can even see resellers using the pictures from other sources -- with other sites' watermarks!

We have large pictures of our watches so you can see the quality before you purchase. For each product, we have more than one picture -- including front view, side view, back view and detailed views for special features on the watches. You can always ask for more pictures of the watches you want to inspect more about.

7 Lowest Price Guarantee

You will not find your benefits from our subscription is lowest possible, value-of-money offer in the market. If you do find a lower comparable price, for the exact quality that we offer, we guarantee to beat it by 5%! Please email us for details.

8 Prompt Order Handling & Logistics

FR has the best, professional logistic team you will find in the market. All emails are answered the same day they are received (mostly within an hour). No cut-and-paste standard answers, no 'online-translator' English from our Customer Services staff. We also offer live chat with our representative online. We will soon be connect with Twitter and Facebook to interact with our customers even closer and faster.

All in-stock orders are shipped on the same day of the payment received. You have your choice of shipment method. We are here to help, if you have any questions at all please email us for information.

9 Wholesale Discount Offer

For wholesale and bulk purchase, we are able to offer discounts depending on quantity and destinated country. Depending on the Customs issue, we can guarantee shipment to several major cities worldwide for large packages. Pleases email u for further queries.

10 Post-Sale Service for Customers

We are glad to inform you that you have at your disposal our customer post-sale service during the life of the product you use. We provide parts, maintenance services, exchange and other related services for FREE or minimal charge.