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Why AlertPay?

Posted by Replica Factory On 4:28 AM

Simply Put, we use AlertPay so your hard earning money is well secured

We have been searching for the best payment method in the market.

PayPal is popular but our members reflect that they prefer not to use it because it is too much troublesome and many customers, particular in Europe and Africa, are using more direct ways to send money.

Western Union is expensive on transaction cost so unless you are insisted and very remoted, we prefer not to accept it.

Moneybooker is again too many complaints pointing to them so we prefer not to use it as well.

Bank Wire Transfer takes too long to accept money (probably 5-7 working days) so it is also not that preferred.

Having said that, we have accounts with all of the above methods so let us know if you prefer using another method, other than AlertPay. We are welcome to cater your preference.