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Can I be Elite and Platinum Members at the Same Time?

Posted by Replica Factory On 3:32 AM

Yes, you can own two or more memberships at the same time.

There are members who want to enjoy usage of the Collection, regardless earning affiliate points might choose to be a couple times of Platinum memberships, particularly when they have purchased them in different period of time.
Example One : John is an Elite member and he is of one usage in the Collection. When he sees another timepiece he wants in the middle of the year, he can buy the Elite membership again to enjoy the one usage again. And before X'mas, he wants to get couple more pieces for his family so he bought a Collector membership.

Example Two : Craig is an Elite member and one of his colleagues are amazed with his timepiece so he decides to refer her to join FR Club. As an Elite member, he is of no affiliate benefits (i.e. 20% of what her paid subscription) if he submits a referral. So he decides to be a Collector now. He subscribes $389 and immediately credits $60 right from her $299 Platinum member subscription is received. So he actually pays $329 for the right of 3 usages (less than $110 per usage). The beauty is that if his colleagues brings in more of her friends to join, Craig earns 5% out of them forever. In one year later, he enjoys usages for FREE every year as he has more referrals directly from him and under his line -- timepieces to enjoy for free plus trading those on the marketplace to earn points!

From the above examples, you can see it depends on what your vision on RF Club -- simply a club to join for timepiece usage, or while enjoying your usage, you can also make some bucks out of the Collection.