New Yachtmaster II 116688
New Rolex Milgauss 116400
New Rolex Day-Date II 218238
New Rolex DateJust 116138
New Rolex Day-Date 118398BR
New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116598RBR
Rolex Day-Date 118348
New Rolex DateJust 116138

Elite Membership

Posted by Replica Factory On 2:01 AM


1. One Full Year of Subscription of FR Club Newsletter

Timepiece market news, auction news, overviews of newly launch timepiece, exhibition news, sharing of members' collection, comments on branded timepieces, history of brands, technical review on watch making and so forth.

2. Unlimited Usage of One Timepiece from the Collection

You can select one piece from our collection which is exclusively for our members only, equivalent to 139 points. You have the exclusive usage right to the piece and you have full warranty service on the piece.

3. One Right to Exchange within One Year

Within one year, you can exchange your piece once with another new piece with the Club and get 70 points credit.

4. Unlimited Access Right to Marketplace Exclusively for Members

You can unlimited access, browse, interact with other members in the Marketplace which is exclusively for our members.

5. Unlimited Right to Exchange With Other Members

You can exchange unlimited pieces with other club members and exchange using points. The Club will collect 10% of the mutually agreed exchangable points as a commission.

6. Unlimited Right to Exchange With the Club

You can exchange unlimited pieces with the Club and get 35 points credit.

7. NO Affiliate Opportunity

Only Platinum and Collector members earn points equivalent to a percentage towards the referrals' subscription (10% for Platinum and 20% for Collector).


US$139 per annum