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Why Using a Weblog to Run Your Business ?

Posted by Replica Factory On 8:10 PM

We have been running this business for 10+ years and we gained an excellent reputation, by our replicafactory (retail and wholesale) and freereplica (high-end retail).

While gaining trust and confidence from customers, we then started getting troubles, from bright and dark sides, i.e. hacking by other competitors for customer database, rumors spreading by competitors, our domains got high-jacked, our websites and email addresses were blocked as spam and got suspended.

We took too much efforts on handling those and we don't see it is no longer necessary in this era. We come up with a decision to face our customers again with a new game (RF Club) and a brand new approach. We no longer rely on setups from the previous generation -- we position ourselves as, again, the rainmaker, the pioneer of the market.

We will use all the Web 2.0 techniques and tools and social network platform ready to do this business. We use Gmail for correspondence (no more webmail), Blogger (no more hackable, hosted website), Flickr album (no more backdoor-opened OS Commerce shopping cart), Discussion Forum (no more hosted, abusable forum), Weblog (no more boring newsletters) and all available IMs (ICQ / Yahoo Messenger / MSN Messenger / GoogleTalk / Meebo / AOL) to communicate with our members and friends 24/7.

Our members are mature and smart customers -- they are not fancy website lovers and they don't like listening sales pitches. For example, they like to see something honest as presented in our pictures which were taken in normal room condition (no studio setup to take impressive, perfect pictures) as well as our plain, to-the-point description -- if the watch is gold but not 18K, we WILL NOT state a 200-dollar-watch as 18K gold watch.

Our customers/friends like honest and fair trades with professionals, not bargaining with hawkers in the flea markets in some third world cities. They don't want copy-and-paste answers, they want someone knowing what they want and ask for. They don't like boring, guessing online-translator-English, they want world class managed and operated supplier in this arena.

If you are this kind of customer, welcome to RF Club!

If you are one of our competitors out there, no more cloning or pseudo websites, learn from us now as it is a long way for you to evolve!