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Why don't you accept Credit Card and PayPal?

Posted by Replica Factory On 7:54 PM

Although it is not a preferred payment method in Europe, it is the most commonly used method in the USA yet it is also the most unsafe way.

Actually, we no longer accept credit cards directly because our customers requested that it can protect them from credit card fraud and the possible exposure of personal information to allow identity theft.

Years ago, VISA Company even got hacked and all credit card information were gone and had been used for fraudulance. So it is not comfort when we, as a small user of the security systems (no matter those payment processors claim how safe they are), guarantee the security of our online payment.

Go to and click the SEARCH REPORT and select CREDIT CARD PROCESSING COMPANIES. You will see the many ways possible for someone to misuse your credit card information and your hard earned money.

We are not the ones who will steal your personal information. It is a fact that there are just too many hackers and bad people out there trying to steal those information from all websites. Our only 100% control regarding this type of activity is nothing except avoid to accept credit card payments by ourselves online.

As for PayPal, it is still involved in legal proceedings which allege PayPal violated the Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act ("EFTA"), 15 U.S.C. 1693 et seq., including provisions requiring PayPal to supply customers with information about dispute resolution procedures and to follow certain procedures when investigating complaints of unauthorized or incorrect electronic fund transfers.

As our lawyer told me that there are more than 40,000 legal cases against PayPal in a row. We don't want to put our money or our customer's money into a payment system which seems to not be respecting its own customers and changing their own company policies every few weeks.
If their rules ever remain stabilized for any length of time we will reconsider.

With Western Union and MoneyGram although it looks like you are paying more with their charges you are getting a much more secured and quicker service. With Western Union you may pay with your credit card on their online system. They have invested millions on maintaining the advanced online clearing platfrom so I believe that it is safer. On the same token, you should feel secured by transferring money by WU and/or MG.

Know more about them by going to and As stated before we can ship the parcel on the same day your payment is received. Comparing the situation if you use your credit card we, as a retail shop, usually get verification from the intermediary (credit card payment processor) the next day or even two days later. In that case, we might lose up to 3 days before the shipment can ever take place.

Also, if you are not in the USA and you pay for the transaction in US dollars the credit card companies will charge an outrageous exchange rate for the local currency payment to be converted into US dollar payment. The variance might not be as high as the charge but it is close to it.