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New Rolex Milgauss 116400
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New Rolex DateJust 116138
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New Rolex DateJust 116138

What if I am not satisfied?

Posted by Replica Factory On 7:53 PM

If you really don't think you like what you order, simply return them to us and we will credit your points less shipping charges (usually about US$30).

Please do not remove the plastic wrapping around the bands, or remove any links, or wear the watch at all. That means you keep the watch a resellable condition.

We cannot refund your money on worn watches.

Please note that the shrink wrapping is a transparent cover so you can see everything about the watch without removing the wrap.
By having this rule is to avoid some people who would take advantage of by using the watch for a few days, some people even weeks, and then return to us without providing a reasonable explanation.

More importantly, there are people ordering a lower quality watch from somewhere else (usually got screwed by other resellers or hawkers on the street!) and order the same style from us, and then sending us a junk and try to get refund or exchange for a good quality one.
We have been in the business for so long -- we interact all different interesting customers, believe me on that!

With the wrapping is still on, we can identify if the product is ours. Also we have a special mark on the movement and major parts of the watch we produce, you cannot fool us by doing the swap game.