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Club Membership - The Rationale

Posted by Replica Factory On 4:05 AM

We want our customers/pals/friends to feel a belonging of some sort of community.

They are not simply having one thing in common -- a group of buyers who love affordable watches, but they also should realize that there are people who have the same value as themselves :

  • Appreciate value of money
  • Appreciate famous branded timepieces
  • Appreciate classic designs
  • Appreciate happiness brought to you by owning a masterpiece within their affordable budgets
  • Appreciate sincerity of the watchmakers to realize their dreams
  • Appreciate exchange of new and pre-owned products, share ideas and thoughts on those goods
  • Appreciate honest trades and interactions performed among the members and watchmakers
  • Appreciate the strategist who build the platform for them to reach the above

I believe that there is no platform, other than a member exclusive club to successfully achieve all of the above.

And, as far as I know, there is of no such thing in the market -- merely developed for the members' benefits.

I see some 'clubs' out there and they are simply a marketing strategy, instead of having the sharing playground for such specific group of collectors. Some of them are even sponsored (or financially constructed and supported) by a network of online shops and those 'clubs' are simply a tool to get more sales, offer freebies to get more interested customers, or get more traffic by implying SEO tactics while offering 'services' to their 'club members'.

We are here to build a simple, efficient and interesting platform for collectors.

You are particular -- only because you deserve it!