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Why Should I Join the Club ?

Posted by Replica Factory On 8:10 PM

Yes, you are right that there are many resellers/hawkers/re-re-resellers out there, from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Lybia and even from Switzerland and Italy as claimed.

Firstly, I don't recall any online resellers from Switzerland I know, I mean resellers 'located' in Switzerland with correspondence address there. I do hae many Swiss friends of mine are my customers, in fact.

You might be shocked if you know how many. Based on the estimate of my customers who told me they are direct resellers and assuming they are about 20% of the total population of 'successful' resellers, I would say there are at least 20,000 full-time, direct, surviving resellers out there.

How about the re-reseller, or even re-re-resellers? I cannot even tried to estimate.

Now you can see, if you trade with those people, you can imagine how insecured your order would be -- a single link breaks in their 'supply chain', your order (or precisely your money) will go to the Pacific Ocean.

Not only the frequency of your money changing hands in the process, but also the logistics cannot be tracked and managable, and without mentioning the quality of product you are getting. For a local Chinese reseller, for example, he would do whatever it takes to lower one single US dollar on acquiring your watch as US$1 can buy him/her a decent lunch box there.

You can imagine that how they would treat your order 'nicely' by sending you a watch with 'used' movement (will stop running in couple months or weeks), a used sapphire crytal (will leak wearing under rain) or lower graded bracelet (yellowish color compared with the case), or worst, simply sending you one or two grades lowered watch. The money the reseller saves can feed him for a month!

If you yell at them, as they always answer your email by copy-and-paste answers or online translator, they might not know what you are talking about or simply ignore your complaint. A single bad order can cover any discount or price reduction offered by them! Give you a 30% discount will bring you a 100% loss!

More importantly, nowadays, there is one more risk.

Almost ALL packages sent from the above listed countries (except Switzerland and Italy) will go through X-ray machine at your country's Customs, especially if you are in the States, Germany, France, Austria, Australia and Japan. If your package got seized by the Customs, you are not only losing the package, but also your shipping address will beput on the 'hall-of-fame' of the Customs office. ALL packages sent to this address will be delayed, examined and inspected upside down.

A 30% discount will bring you 100% loss on your order, but also 300% troubles bringing to you in the nearest future! We have tactics to overcome the seizing issue. Our seizing rate is less than 0.01% or one out of 10,000 packages might get seized. Even our package is seized, we still have a way to get it out, with your cooperation.

In conclusion, price is NOT the rule of this game. If you want to play this game, you pay for this game.